Open Road: 30 Days of Creative Prayer for People Who Are Too Busy to Pray

Maybe 30 days of prayer sounds like a long time. But if I’ve learned anything in more than two decades of full-time and lay ministry, it’s that most worthwhile things begin with prayer and meditation. And over the years, I’ve also learned that stimulating and consistent prayer times are like good hair days — they happen, but sometimes they’re few and far between.

It took a while, but I eventually discovered that it doesn’t have to be the way. Recently, Melissa and I published a book about what we’ve learned in our search to make interesting, creative prayer a part of our everyday lives:


Why do I need 30 days of prayer?

How often do you pray? Probably not as much as you would like to and maybe not even as much as you tell other people you do. For those of us who are trying to live a spiritually grounded lifestyle, prayer provides fuel for the journey.

But when it comes to regular daily prayer, most of us find plenty of reasons and excuses why it’s just not possible:

  • We’re too busy to pray.
  • Prayer is stale and boring.
  • Nothing changes when we pray.

Sound familiar? Too often, prayer can feel pointless and mind-numbing, a waste of time in a daily schedule that’s already filled to overflowing.

We wrote Open Road to give ordinary, everyday people the practical tools they need to make interesting, thought-provoking and spiritually meaningful prayer a regular part of their busy lives.

Open Road walks readers through four, essential aspects of prayer:

  1. A Road Map: Making Room for God
  2. On the Road: Starting Conversations
  3. Gaining Speed: Using Intuition to Hear God’s Voice
  4. Home: Finding Joy in God’s Presence

Filled with practical tips, Open Road also includes 30 days of prayer exercises that use scripture and other resources as starting points for conversations with God.

We like to think that Open Road isn’t just another book about prayer – it’s a companion for a journey home to God and the first step toward a more spiritually authentic lifestyle.

Available in both print and e-book formats, you can buy Open Road at

Open Road Workshops

We also offer Open Road: Encountering God in Prayer workshops to provide practical, real-world training to people from a variety of denominational and non-denominational backgrounds. Intended for local churches, our workshops are flexible by design and can be structured to accommodate your church or organization’s unique needs.

For more information, visit our Workshops page.