Open Road: Contemplative Prayer for Busy People

Open Road is a small group workshop that is a companion to our book, Open Road: 30 Days of Creative Prayer for People Who Are Too Busy to Pray.

The Open Road workshop helps ordinary people find the practical tools they need to make interesting, thought-provoking and spiritually meaningful prayer a regular part of their busy lives. This workshop sets the stage for making creative prayer a daily habit by walking participants through the essential aspects of prayer outlined in the book.



  • Finding time and space for solitude
  • Starting conversations with God
  • Hearing and discerning God’s voice
  • Being with God in stillness

The Open Road workshop also includes creative prayer activities and other interactive exercises that motivate participants to have regular, daily encounters with God. By the time the workshop is over, participants have a time, place and strategy for daily, 15-minute prayer sessions, and will have experienced a taste of stimulating and spiritually-enriching prayer.

Here’s what people are saying about Open Road:

“Open Road helped me establish the consistent prayer life that I’ve always wanted, but was never able to achieve. Since I’ve started to practice the simple steps laid out in the book, I’ve felt God’s presence in my life on a daily basis. I can’t believe that in 4 weeks I have grown so much. It’s exciting.”

“Open Road has made prayer as easy as having a conversation with my spouse. It has improved my relationship with God and had a healing effect on my life.”

“The Open Road workshop has made prayer a natural, ongoing companion as I go throughout my day. I want to do the workshop again!”

Help Your People Experience God in a New Way

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