A Spiritual Almanac is a production of Granola Soul

A Spiritual Almanac is a short, daily audio and video podcast for on-the-go seekers and spiritual misfits. About five minutes in length, each episode features a piece of writing from a well-known poet or spiritual thinker, and snack-sized vignettes to feed your soul and mind.

A Spiritual Almanac is a production of Granola Soul.

All featured readings contained in A Spiritual Almanac are either public domain or used by permission.


Spiritual Almanac – Tuesday, January 12, 2021: Meera

Today’s inspiration comes to us from the sixteenth-century Hindu mystic and poet, Meera. Although biographical details about Meera are sketchy, secondary sources tell us she was forced to marry the crown prince of Mewar in 1516. According to legend, her in-laws tried...

Spiritual Almanac – Thursday, January 7, 2021: Ghalib

Topics covered in today’s Spiritual Almanac include a piece by the 19th century Indian poet, Ghalib, the first Black performer at the Metropolitan opera and the wedding anniversary of the world’s most recognized author of horror fiction.

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