What is Granola Soul?

Granola Soul is a reader-supported journal that covers topics at the intersection of faith, culture and current events. Written by leaders and thinkers from a variety of backgrounds, we inspire our readers to expand their faith by living with purpose, embracing change, and engaging on issues of justice and social responsibility,

The people who read our articles and consume our other content want to make a difference. They’re tree huggers and aspiring social activists, socially minded professionals and stay-at-home parents. They’re retirees and students. Some go to church, while others have left the church to pursue new forms of spirituality. But despite our diversity, we share a spiritual curiosity grounded in intellectual honesty and ethical authenticity.

Tasty, crunchy nuggets for your soul

You’ll quickly discover that our writers and contributors have a point of view. But while many of us approach issues of spirituality from a progressive Christian perspective, we focus on insights that transcend denominational and religious boundaries. There are more than enough organizations and publications creating divisions these days. We choose to build bridges through our work and the culture of our organization.

We call ourselves Granola Soul because we like to think the content we publish shares some important characteristics with our favorite snack. Instead of nourishing your body, we create tasty, crunchy nuggets of goodness for your soul. 

Most importantly, we understand that Granola Soul exists for our readers. We welcome readers to submit their own content for review and possible publication at Granola Soul — see our Editorial Guidelines for more information. But if you have a topic you would like us to cover, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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