Write for Granola Soul: Editorial Guidelines

Granola Soul reviews submissions for our online publication on a rolling, year-round basis. Articles should fall between 700 and 1,000 words in length, and should focus on the interests and concerns of spiritually minded readers who care about issues of peace, justice and social responsibility. 

Before submitting work for consideration, we strongly encourage you to browse the categories and content on our site. We’re interested in material that inspires our readers to spiritually and intellectually engage with the most pressing issues of our time. 

Submissions that include links to recent studies or other content from reputable, mainstream outlets receive preference in our publishing process. 

We do not publish content that attempts to promote, proselytize or preach to our readers.

All submitted content must be unique. This means that your work cannot have been previously published online or in print. By submitting your work for consideration, you are agreeing that the work is yours and has not been plagiarized from another source. 

Currently, we do not offer payment for submitted content. However, we will link to your website and social media profiles in the author description. We will also add your name, bio and headshot to our Contributors page, and we frequently promote contributed content on our social media networks.

We reserve the right to edit your work for length, clarity and grammar. 

Please email a MS Word doc or link to a Google doc with completed drafts for online publication to [email protected]. Include the word “Submission” in the subject line, and provide a short biography, headshot and links to your website/social media profiles. 

If your submission is accepted, we’ll notify you when it publishes on our site.

Copyright Policy

When you submit your work to Granola Soul, or otherwise giving Granola Soul permission to publish your work, you represent and warrant:

  1. All works submitted are your creation, have not been published previously, and are submitted exclusively to us.
  2. Granola Soul’s reproduction and distribution of the work will not violate any copyright or other right of any third party.
  3. You are granting Granola Soul exclusive publication rights to the work submitted.
  4. You are granting full and exclusive reprint permission for any item we publish, unless otherwise indicated.
  5. You are granting the subsequent right to reproduce, distribute, adapt, or display the work for any purpose and in any manner or medium worldwide during the copyright term of the work, with proper attribution for authorship.

We reserve the right to edit for length, clarity and grammar. Content available online at granolasoul.com may have been updated or corrected from the originally submitted material. 


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